• All courses are six weeks.
  • Classes are held once weekly in two-hour blocks.
  • Each course is $180.00 just $30.00 per class!
  • There is also a one-time registration fee for Beginning Tarot classes only. This registration fee of $50.00 includes your Tarot by Tracey workbook and your Tarot by Tracey card deck.
  • Online Registration


Tarot / Runes / Palmistry / Meditation / Formal Prayer / Bible Study


Tarot Card Reading Class Information


Description of Class

Beginning Level

Includes the basics of Tarot, as well as, Numerology, Astrology, Time Telling, How-to-Get Yes and No answers, Problem Solving, Symbology and How-the-Aces really work.

Level 1

Serves as a great method to understand the personality, behavior, reactions, actions, physical descriptions for friends, lovers, employers, employees and other human behaviors. Spiritual cards and people cards are studied in the upright and inverted positions.

Level 2

An "Almost all hands-on-class" focusing on reversed/inverted meanings, as well as, how-to-apply Tarot with it's many aspects.

Level 3

Introduces empathic, psychic, and clairvoyant skills to Tarot readings. The wording of questions and underlying groups of emotions are explored. This is a fairly advanced course with many twists and turns.

Level 4

Has been developed from 27 years of study and experience. It covers all aspects of Health.

Level 5

Is a terrific confidence builder! Reading for strangers gives you a fascinating look at the accuracy of Tarot!

Level 6

Introduces several Tarot card decks and is interesting, thought provoking and just plain fun!

Level 7

Covers the Highest Spiritual Realms of Tarot. Your own special gifts may become exposed here.

Level 8

Discloses the Tricks-of-the-Trade. What a great time!

Level 9
Includes How-to-Read regular playing cards, party tricks and other skills which can amaze and entertain!!
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Rune Class Information

Beginning Runes: is a six (6) week course. You will choose your stones, paint them, then mark each stone as you learn about each Rune. You will, also, learn the meaning and the association to each God or Deity, as well as, one, three and five Rune layouts.

$180.00 - Includes workbook, stones, brushes and paint.

Intermediate: is a six (6) week course where you will be designing and creating your own unique Rune Board. You will learn to read the runes pertaining to Element Placement.

$180.00 - Includes workbook, blank board, brushes and paint.

Advanced Runes: is also, a six (6) week course where you will learn to read the runes in an Upward Ancient Rune Method.

$180.00 - Includes workbook. Fur pelts are not included in price.

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Palmisty Class Information

Palmisty is offered in three (3) seperate blocks. Each block is six (6) weeks in length.

Beginning Palmistry: consistest of the Planetary Diagram of the Palm, the Associated Influences and the Basics of the Hand, Finger and Skin Types.

$180.00 - Includes workbook.

Intermediate Palmistry: explands into the Three Major Lines in the hand and in Specific Markings, as well as, the Four Secondary Lines and their Specific Markings.

$180.00 - Includes workbook.

Advanced Palmistry: covers reading Whorls, Fingers, Knuckles, Mounds and all of the Markings.

$180.00 - Includes workbook.

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Meditation Class Information

This six (6) week course allows the students to develop and use several methods of Self Hypnosis and introduces Meditation Tools. This course is designed to promote personal power, boast self confidence, and relieve stress and anxiety.

$180.00 - Includes workbook.

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Formal Prayer Class Information

Formal Prayer throughout the history of Christianity has been changed to Magick or Eclectic Prayer. And now you can learn to pray formally and have your prayers answered with Tracey. The following are complete courses she personally offers.

Beginning: is a six (6) week course in Formal Prayer which covers Natural Magick, Celtic and Norse (Wiccan), Folk Lore Magick, Moon Phase, Planetary Hours, Color Associations, the Four Elemental Associations and specific applications.

$180.00 - Includes workbook.

Intermediate: is a six (6) week course that covers, Wind Directions, Seasonal Phases, Prayer Development, Prayer Creation and specific applications.

$180.00 - Includes workbook. , but does not include Grimorie

Advanced: is a six (6) week course that moves into High Magick or Formal Magick. This course of study is based on Ancient Hebrew methods.

$180.00 - Includes workbook. , but does not include Grimorie

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Bible Study Class Information

This unorthodox, controversial and lively class is offered twice monthly. Students bring scriptures from every religious viewpoint. Bring your own set of scriptures and your own opinions to this interesting class and explore the Battle of the Blessed from a Realist, Idealist and a Conceptual standpoint.

$180.00 - Includes full year membership and membership card.

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