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Unraveling the mysteries of New Year
Not unique » Tarot reader believes everyone can see into the spirit realm.
By Aimee Loveless
Close-up Correspondent

2009 was met with uncertainty and anxiety for many in our communities and nation. With the instability in the economy and the new president about to take the reigns, two women in Murray believe they have the ability to predict what the future holds ~ for a price.

Tracey, of Tarot by Tracey considers herself a predictive science expert. She uses a variety of ancient tools, including tarot, Nordic runes, Chinese I Ching and even dice, to predict the future for people. She considers herself a clairvoyant and said she can see the spirit realm. She also teaches classes in the art.

She does not consider her gift unique.

"You can learn it all," Tracey said. "Everyone has it all. Men like to call it listening to their gut. Women call it intuition."

Tracey said that with the tarot card readings, a question or prayer is asked, and the tarot is the translation tool used to answer those prayers from a higher source.

Tracey also has a theology license and had her own church for 214 years. She continues to have prayer and Bible study out of her offices. She has been practicing for 15 years as a psychic.

"There are charlatans in every field, but what gives us the bad name is religious control," Tracey said. "People want help. They want God without jumping through hoops at church."

Tracey has seven students in her School of Medium Arts and Predictive Sciences. A former student, Shawn Harman, said he believes "whole-heartedly" in the predictive sciences and that Tracey was "right on the money" when she read his cards for him.

"She's really good," Harmas said. "She's read for me three times, and each time was accurate."

Jeri Sheya has been reading tarot cards for more than 50 years. She practices in her home and said although her business is in Murray, she gets majority of her calls from clients across the nation - or even international clients. Sheya said she reads for the past, present and possible future.

"I say 'possible' because we all have power over our own lives," Sheya said.

Sheya said her clients give her good feedback on their readings, claiming they have 100 percent accuracy. "I would say the most accurate I could be is 80 percent, because I don't think the universe gives us that much power," Sheya said.

Sheya charges $40 for 30 minutes and $75 for an hour-long reading. She can do appointments in person or over the phone at 801-694-3901.

"A lot of people are asking about jobs and the future," Sheya said. "I don't do lotteries. I don't use my gift for money. I don't think it's right."

Where to go: The school at 4070 S. 65 West in Murray. Tracey's Web site is

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2008 Year in Preview: The Blueprint for the New Year

“ You scoffed when City Weekly one year ago dared to predict the future news. Now who’s laughing?”

“Who would have thought way back in January 2007 that a Utah woman would carry a race car driver past Scary Spice to win Dancing with the Stars? City Weekly did, and foretold as much in our first ever Year in Preview.”

“… At least as far as you know. (Bet you wish you hadn’t thrown away last year’s issue.)”

“This year, City Weekly once again is looking to the future, instead of the more traditional Top 10 list of last year’s stories. (Where’s the challenge in that?) But first, a quick look at 2007’s predictions.”

“Psychic, Tracey, of Tarot by Tracey, presaged both the housing market slowdown and growth for Utah’s economy. She also correctly predicted no conference championship for the Jazz, no fourth congressional seat for Utah, and she foretold Real Salt Lake moving its soccer team to Sandy.”


SLC 2007

“Tracey operates the School of Medium Arts and Predictive Sciences in Murray. She brings 30 years of experience as a practicing predictive science expert. Her book Tarot: The Ancient Translation Tool is available exclusively at Tarot by Tracey. For more information, visit”

“What sort of bumps in the road does Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s presidential bid face? Any new scandals?”

Tarot by Tracey: There’s so much backbiting and gossip, he just might pull out and then there won’t be any to deal with.”

“What will Rocky’s new job be?”

TBT: He wants to be some kind of consultant but really won’t advance there. So he moves towards big dollars in real estate and securities, with an eye on environmental issues.”

“Will polygamy be legalized? If not, how will local authorities deal with the growing visibility of Utah’s polygamist culture?”

TBT: Polygamy will not be legal in 2007. However, the issue will not be dropped and changes will be implemented in years to come. They are not going to get around the church vs. government issue, however-child [abuse] laws will be issue for local authorities.”

“Will LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley receive a revelation in 2007 that would allow full church membership to gays and lesbians?”

TBT: Yes actually, he will. However, there are delays of compassion by the majority members, resolving themselves towards October/November of 2007.”

“Will Jazz win the NBA conference championship in 2007?”

TBT: No.”

“A wild-card Prediction for 2007?”

TBT: Some growth plans (possibly roads and bridges) for Utah will be delayed and renegotiated, while others will be completely elimitnated.”


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