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Reading   Tea Leaves

For a very long time, seers have used many different methods to see into the future; from animal entrails to reading clouds.Tea Leaves have been a popular method since the 19th century. However, this popularity has fallen recently, not because it is hard but because tea cups do not hold tea leaves anymore, they hold tea bags.

When preparing your tea leaves use the equation of one teaspoon of leaves for every person and one for the pot. However, I have found that less works so you can adjust the amount. Also when reading tea leaves it is best to use plain white cups. The best type of tea is loose tea with some larger leaves in the mix.

Once you have drank your tea down to about a quarter of an inch in the cup, swirl it so that the leaves are suspended in the water. (Do NOT use a strainer). Gently pour out the tea, leaving the leaves in the cup.

When reading the leaves squint your eyes and let your imagination flow. Most images or shapes are easy to recognize. Make a note of what shapes you see.


For symbols that are not on any tea reading list, use your intuition and interpret beyond the symbol.

Symbols near the rim will happen quite quickly, in one to two months. Symbols at the bottom of the cup indicate a timeline of one to two years. Anything between the top and the bottom is on a running timeline between the two, working from the rim down.

Tea Leaf Symbols
A few examples of tea cup symbols:

Bell: Good news is on the way.

Crescent Moon: Financial good fortune is on the way

Dart: A happy love affair

Knife: A coming quarrel


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