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SuperstitionsSuperstitions - 05/28/09
Sermon / Walkdown

Further Reading: John 8:7


Noah and the FloodNoah & the Flood - 05/28/09
Sermon / Walkdown

Further Reading: Genesis 6:14-22 - 7:2-24 - 8:3-16

Direct Quotes and Book Excerpts:
Myth's and Deceptions or the Bible - Lloyd M. Graham
Bible as a History - Keller
Faith of the Fallen -Terry Goodkind
Will Durant


Knowledge is power! Truth is freedom!

Historical Ministries is a learning and educational gathering place based on universal law. This belief system, focuses on enhancement of personal power, responsibility, and spiritual individuality. Educational guidance gathered from historical, theological, mythological and scientific sources uncovers a spiritual perspective that dispels fictitious and restrictive religious belief systems.
  • We believe each of us can communicate with the Higher God Force with the use of spiritual translation tools.
  • We believe in the personal power that we create, as individuals, through spiritual acknowledgement.
  • We believe in and strive to practice universal spiritual law.
  • We believe in creating a balance between worldly and spiritual existence.
  • We believe we are, individually, responsible to gather knowledge.
  • We believe we are responsible to evaluate and eliminate our own negative behaviors to life's experiences.
  • We believe in gaining knowledge and understanding in order to build personal character.
  • We believe that through study we will create and abundant life by means of spiritual enhancement and personal power.
  • We believe no other human can judge our spiritual or immortal worthiness.
  • We believe we are judged, only, within ourselves.

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