Any patron of Tarot by Tracey has the right to cancel any appointment at any time before actual services are rendered, without a cancellation fee or any other monetary obligation.

Tarot Sessions: Are based on solely on spiritual guidance and/or spiritual advice by the interpretations of the tarot cards. These sessions are geared for a greater under-standing, of the questions in the specific manor, in which they are asked by any patron. Tarot by Tracey is not responsible for the actions based on the patron's interpretations.

Prayer Sessions: Are based on available Folklore, Theology and Mythology. As patrons release their wishes and desires into the universe and agree to let God as well as the patron take responsibility of its outcome. Tarot by Tracey has the singular responsibility to help guide the patron through the commonly accepted process.

Tarot by Tracey is not responsible to refund any monies for services that have been rendered.

It is clearly stated in writing that Tarot by Tracey services are for Entertainment purposes only.

Tarot by Tracey reserves the right to seek reimbursement for monetary lost and legal fees incurred. When caused by willful misinterpretation and unrealistic expectations by the patron.


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