Call from the train... call from the plane... out of state or on the move... call from the comfort of your own home. Tracey offers phone and video readings. Readings, Private Parties.

Past Life Regression
Formal Prayer
Past Life Regression
Formal Prayer

Call or Text Now: 801.637.5912

  • All readings are private.
  • All sessions are by appointment only.
  • Tarot sessions are available; Phone and Video Calls. (Skype, etc.)
  • Gift certificates are available for all sessions. They make great presents!
Half-hour session - $50.00
Hour session - $90.00
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Private / Corporate / Family Parties

Do you need to entertain a larger group? Tracey has participated as a Tarot reader and lecturer for events such as American Express Conventions, Sundance Film Festival and X96 Big Ass Show.

Perfect entertainment for your lifetime events and holiday occasions. Book early for Halloween, Christmas or New Years to start the holidays off right. Give your guests something to really remember.

Marriage Services

Exchange Vows in our Quaint and Beautiful Settings. All Ceremonies include background music picture CD and Punch. You will need to have a State issued Marriage License and must show ID. In this package you have your choice of Vows. Read More

On-site Workshops

Ready to share the esoteric with friends and family? Traceys introduction to Tarot and predictive sciences could be perfect for your smaller group or gathering.

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Do you ever notice weird noises, odd changes or strange vibes in your environment? Chances are you are not alone. If you wish for resolve, know that Tracey has sent home many spirits freeing them from restrictions of the earthly plane.


If you need a change, a spell could be just what is necessary to make the change real. By using a careful dose of white magick, Tracey can help you find a new approach to work things out.


Now you may participate in group or private gatherings with those who have passed. An open mind is required to channel with the dead. Rates vary based on size of group and locations. Call for estimate.

Ghost Busting

Intensive removal of bothersome entities at your home or business. Rates vary based on number of entities and location. 35 cents per square foot. Call for estimate.



Ancient Translation Tool Book and Tarot Card Deck Set
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