Exchange your vows of devotion in our quaint & beautiful settings.

  • All packages include background Music, Picture CDs and Punch Service.
  • You will need to bring a state issued marriage license and picture ID. Under the age of 18 you must have a parent or Guardian present.
  • Same Gender marriages are legally binding in the state of Utah; bring a state issued marriage license.
  • Your ceremony will include a certificate of Mutual devotion.
Ex. Ceremony 1 - White
Ex. Ceremony 1 - Multi-Color

Ceremony # 1: All ceremonies include choice of the following:
Spiritual/Universal All White You & Intended All White
Christian Non-Denomination Multi-Color 5 people Multi-Color
Non-Religious   10 people  
Your Own Vow Exchange   15 people
    20 people
Plus:   other specify
Picture CD    
Punch Fountain (includes cups & napkins)


Marriage Ceremony 2
Ex. Ceremony 2 - White
Ex. Ceremony 2 - Multi-Color

Includes #1 plus: Wedding cake ceremony, 1 - 9” round wedding cake, plates, silverware.



Marriage Ceremony 3
Ex. Ceremony 3 - White
Ex. Ceremony 3 - Multi-Color

Includes #2 plus: 1 - 6” round anniversary keepsake wedding cake and your choice of colored bBouquet: Cream, White, Pink, Red, Yellow, Peach, Navy Blue, Light Blue, Purple, Lavender, Burgundy, Silver, Gold, Multi-colored

Marriage Ceremony 4
Ex. Ceremony 4 - Red
Ex. Ceremony 4 - Purple

Includes #3 plus: Chocolate Fountain with assorted dipping fruits, cakes and marshmallows.

Ceremony Add-ons; must be pre-ordered:
  • Something blue: Garters $5.00
  • Silk Floral Bouquets to purchase see selection: (Will send pictures)
  • Candle Ceremony: $20.00
  • Flower Ceremony: $15.00
  • Additional CD’s for family or Friends: $5.00

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Have Witnesses - Need Witnesses?


Any and all Marriage re-newels or Devotion marriages are not legal recognized marriages in the state of Utah and are for entertainment purposes only.


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