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Fall Begins on September 22nd and ends on December 20th. This time of year represents the worlds natural shedding of foliage, crops And ripened fruit a special time for remembrance of loved ones and personal Reflections of the year past.

October 31st

Halloween has been around since time began and is observed in most cultures. History traces celebrations of our dearly departed to the ancient agricultural religions. Ancient civilizations believed that this was a time of year when the division between the world of the living and the world of the dead became very thin. It is the time when the world we lived in sheds itself and the most logical time for our ancestors to have chosen to celebrate death. Halloween is observed in most cultures today marked with many names. Day of the Dead, All Souls Day, All Saints Day, All Hallows Eve, Remembrance Day. These death festivals are celebrated very elaborately in American we dress up as our favorite ghouls go to parties, walk the streets for a sweet fare, yelling Trick or Treat Happy Halloween


Columbus Day
October 13th

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Columbus sailed the ocean blue!
That part is absolutely true…
However he was not the first to see South America and never saw nor set foot in North America.
He did discover Easter Island and he provides Americans with an extra Holiday. A federal Holiday no less. 



November 25th

This holiday is derived from ancient roots it comes from an agricultural society as well as sun worship. It is known around the world by many names; Harvest home(Britain’s-Europeans) Winter finding(Turtonics) Sukkoth; Feast of the lords(Jewish) Harvest of Fruits, feast of Avalon, Feast of the Gods. In ancient agricultural societies all feasts and worship were based on the suns (father) movement around the Earth (mother). Thanksgiving was a time of massive harvesting to collect food for survival of Winter when the sun god was to abandon his people until his resurrection in spring. The feasts were held in honor of the abundance bestowed on human life by God (sun) and Goddess (earth). Thanksgiving today still holds the same concept of feasting and thankfulness




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