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Kings of Tarot and the Old Testement

Belshazzat-king of Wands

King of Wands

Belshazzar represents the time of Leo, which is July 23 to August 22. Leo's are self-starters and very ardent. They can also be leaders and like to take control. Upright the one word for this card is honesty. This card can represent honesty in any situation. As a person Belshazzar is a true gentleman. He is kind, understanding, and devoted. This King is also very conventional and old fashioned. He is very health conscious. Physically Belshazzar is about 5'7" to 5'11". He is usually of medium build with brown to auburn hair and brown to hazel eyes. If he shows up in a health reading, he can represent a psychologist or therapist.

Nebuchadnezzar - King of Swords

King of Pentacles

Jethro corresponds to the astrological time of Taurus. He can easily own and run his own business because of his ability to see both the big picture and tend to fine details at the same time. Because of this he has achieved mastery of all traits that have to do with stability, structure, wealth, and comfort. Jethro is reliable, dependable, self disciplined, and learned. He knows how to apply his knowledge and money and this is due to his dedication and application of his ethics. Physically Jethro is an older, more mature man with dark hair and eyes. He is of a solid build, shorter, square shouldered and stocky. He is a more swarthy/ethnic in appearance.

Lott-king of cups

King of Cups

Lot represents the astrological sign of Scorpio which represents the time of Oct 23rd-Nov. 22nd. Upright he represents compassion. Lot is a good listener. A care taker. He is very understanding. At work, home or play, Lot is someone you can lean on and trust. This guy is cuddly and loving if he has decided he loves you. You will know it beyound a shadow of a doubt. Lot may not be particularly health conscious. He is usually average height 5’7”-5’9” This king if reversed shows just opposite personality can be uncompassionate, self absorbed as well as irresponsible.

Nebuchadnezzar - King of Swords

King of Swords

Governed by the sign of Aquarius, influenced by the element of air and motivated for good or bad powers. Personal Qualities - Intellectual, analytical, articulate, anal, type A, take charge, just, ethical, law and order types. They are aggressive, in charge people who have a sense of their own power. They are career oriented, have drive and leadership and like to be in control. Their Motto: "Lead, Follow or get out of the way." Emotion rarely gets in the way and they're able to remain impartial and objective.

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