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Knights of Tarot and the Old Testement

Jeremiah-knight of wands

Knight of Wands

Jeremiah corresponds with the astrological sign of Sagittarius. Which represents the time of Nov 23rd-Dec 21st. Upright he represents adventure, change. He is sporty, outdoorsy, loves to work out and usually loves sports of on type or another. Usually happy go lucky and loves a crowd. He can take risks and is a bit daring do. He usually buff in shape and 5’7”-6”. This card when appearing reversed indicates an arrogant, Blunt and even committment phobic personality.
Jeremiah is a really boy scout and handy to have around in most any situation

Gideon-knight of pentacles

Knight of Pentacles

Gideon represents the astrological Time of Virgo which is August 23 to September 22. Virgo’s are earth signs. The one word for this card is steadfast. It also represents progress, forward movement in a step by step manner. Personal qualities - reliable, hard worker, realistic, honest, methodical, as well as philosophical. When this card appears reversed the personal qualities may be petty, envious, unemployed, no effort. Physically Gideon will usually be stocky or burly a stereo typical construction worker or logger, 5’7”-5’9”. This particular card can show as a duel, either a dark haired and eyed person or a red haired green eyed person.

Joshua - Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups

Joshua represents advancement of some kind and the time frame of Pisces. The advancement may appear as a promotion, an opportunity, or an offer. It may be the entrance or exit of an emotional matter. If a person, he is a Lancelot. He is a dream, reliable, caring, sensitive, compassionate, romantic, trustworthy, imaginative, charming, loving, idealistic, intelligent, intuitive, kind, and empathetic. He follows his dreams but never loses touch with reality. He has a daring imagination but has control enough to not go astray.

Joshua - Knight of Cups

Knight of Swords

Saul represents the time of Gemini, which is May 22nd to June 21st. Gemini's are the most intelligent of the zodiac, they have dual aspects. Saul in an upright position represents a change or movement that is reliable and trustworthy. However, these changes and movements are quick and direct, they are well thought out. Saul carries a day planner, and is very organized, dependable, extremely focused, precise, and intelligent. He is very direct, quick witted, and he really stands for something. Physically, Saul is usually thin and tall, 5'6" to 6'0" in height, oval to oval long face with sharp features, dark hair and light eyes.

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