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In Roman mythology, Janue was the God of doors, archways, gates, and all beginnings. His symbol was the key that locked and unlocked, opened and closed all doors. The Romans prayed to him each morning before honoring any other God and he was especially honored on the first day of every month. The greatest of all his celebrations occurred on the first day of the New Year. At that time he was asked to bless the New Year ahead. January, the beginning of the New Year, a start of a new cycle, as a time for resolution. We are imbued with a new energy, zest and determination to make the New Year better. The number one stands in this symbolism for the Sun. It is the beginning - that by which all the rest of the nine numbers were created. The basis of all numbers is one the basis of all life is one. This number represents all that is creative, individual, and positive. A person born under the birth number of one has the underlying principles of being in his or her work creative, attentive, strongly individual, definite in his or her views, and in onsequence more or less obstinate and determined in all they as individuals undertake.



As the second month, February implies a need for cooperation, balancing, setting things straight. It is a time for peace and meditation. Standing in the shadows, in the wings, out of the limelight - number 2 stands. February sees hidden forces at work beneath the ground within the barren trees. Universal meaning of a two - This is a Prime Feminine Number, antithesis, polarities, opposites, pairs, compliments, partners. A sign of duality and change because one can only be fulfilled through two producing three. The Yin is the eternal female. The number of Tai Chi (a Chinese symbol which represents the motion of all things) positively, a desire for peace and harmony, conciliatory. Symbols are the moon or two of anything. Twos are gentle by nature, artistic, imaginative, and romantic. Their qualities are more mental than physical. They are inventive but not forceful enough when they try to carry out their ideas. Twos collect and assimilate. They were not born to lead, but follow, cooperate, and harmonize. They are easily hurt. They like beauty and order in their lives and they are good-natured and kind but can be very shy and rather self-conscious.



Universal meaning: It is the number of time and fate - past, present, future. The number of the Family - father, mother, child, life, death, heaven, earth, hell. Trinities generally. Creation and procreation representing both spiritual and sexual creative power. Three's are ambitious, dislike being in subordinate positions and always ensure that they are one jump ahead of everyone else. They have a strong desire to rise in the world and usually achieve this because they are original, observant, and willing to work hard. They are prepared to take orders, but dislike doing so, and when giving orders themselves can often be dictatorial. Three's are extremely lucky people; even misfortunes have a habit of working out well for them in the end. They are versatile, clever, and able to out wit ponderous, slow thinking people with ease. In personal life, threes are neither jealous nor possessive. They are generous, impulsive, warm, and loyal. They are extremely good company, witty, entertaining, and fun to be with.



This is the month for pranks and practical jokes. April is the month for work, house cleaning, being spring, cleaning, and organization. Getting rid of things that have accumulated all winter. Fours are builders, they are life's organizers. They are efficient, industrious, and extremely practical. They are often considered to be rather dull because they are down to earth, solid, and respectable. They are also absolutely trustworthy, tenacious, precise, and calm. They seldom allow anything to upset them and they deal with their problems both carefully and systematically. Fours are home lovers. They manage their financial affairs well and never live beyond their means. They also have many friends who often seek their advice. They are devoted to their partners and would go to any lengths to make them happy. They are thoughtful, considerate, and faithful. Negative fours can be slow witted and boring. Also stubborn, weak, and careless. Bouts of severe depression are not uncommon in a negative four.




The number of chance, considered by some to be the most holy or propitious and by others as uncertain, discouraging, and hazardous. The five senses (sight, hearing, smell, touch, taste). The pentagram man - has two arms, two legs, and a head and can so be likened to a five-pointed star. The four cardinal points plus the center. Fives are adventurers who long to try anything which is new and exciting. They have many talents and are clever, original, resilient, creative people. They are secretly afraid of failure but must be careful not to communicate their fears to others. Fives are industrious and both physically and mentally alert. At times they may appear critical but this only reflects their own inner struggle for perfection and success. Fives are sensual, earthy people. They possess great elasticity and character and never remain down for long. They can bounce back quickly. They are born gamblers and always ready to take chances. Negative fives are conceited, sarcastic, lustful, unstable, restless and nervous.



Universal meaning: The Human Soul. Six is the symbol of union between fire and water --- the number of ambivalence and effort. A perfect number because it equals the sum of its divisors (1+2+3=6) and is invisible by adding a 3 (odd) and a 2 (even) thus harmoniously combining the elements of each. The number of the days of creation and therefore symbolic of cessation of effort. The number of love, and marriage, and domestic happiness. A hermaphroditic number. Symbols: Venus, Diana, Janus, the heart. Sign: a double triangle or circle divided into six, representing the unity of spirit and body and harmony between man and God. Sixes outlook on life are romantically inclined and lean to the ideal in matters of the heart. Their outlook on life is very Venusian because they love their homes and beautiful objects around them. They can also derive much pleasure from art, music, and poetry. They are imaginative and creative, have an excellent color sense and are all best when involved in some from of artistic expression. Everything for a six must be balanced and harmonious.



Julius Caesar who adopted the solar or Julian Calendar in 46 BC was honored by having his birth month, Quintiles, renamed Julius, July comes from Julius. Seven is a number of retreat, rest, after work well done, a time for inner repairs. July is the month for vacations. Sevens are deeply interested in all aspects of mysticism and the occult. They are often clairvoyant and are gifted with powers of extrasensory perception. Usually they have fantastic dreams. Their ideas about religions are often unorthodox and occasionally they create religions of their own based on mystical beliefs. Sevens are highly intuitive and imaginative. This is the number of poets, philosophers, and scholars. Negative sevens can be depressed or moody while others are aloof, sarcastic, and inclined to be lazy. In personal life, sevens are passionate people with great depth of feeling. They are understanding, good-natured, and sincere in all that they say and do. They have little or no money sense and often live beyond their means. They are magnetic and very individual people.  



The month of August is named after the first emperor of Rome. Augustus Caesar (63 BC to 14 AD). Augustus means noble or venerated. Augustus Caesar brought much culture to Rome. He built libraries and schools, patronized the arts and enacted just laws. That period called the Augustus age of literature. In August, under the number eight, we reap what we have sown. Our seeds have reached full maturity and we can see the tangible results of our efforts. But eight brings responsibility we know we have more work to do. Universal meaning eight is the number of material success and worldly involvement. This is the number, struggle, tenacity, and materialism. Eight's are either great successes or great failures, they have no shades of gray and their failures can be just as spectacular as their successes. They are ardent, zealous, and have the ability to see matters in broad terms. These qualities give them the ambition and drive to aim for material goals, which they often achieve. They are wise, adaptable, tenacious, and exceptionally tough characters.



September comes from the Latin, Septem, for seven. When the Gregorian calendar was adopted in 1582, it was decided that these names would be kept even though they were misnumbered. Now, on Labor Day, we celebrate all the work we have done. We honor the effort to produce. "September is a good time to record the year's successes and failures." It is a month of endings, the transitional period. The harvest is in, vacations are over, fall is here and winter is close ahead. Number nine is transitional, a letting go period when we still try to enjoy the fruits of our past labors, knowing that they're demise is eminent, and knowing that we must eventually let go! Nine is the greatest of all primary numbers because it contains the qualities of all the others. It reduplicates the creative power of three and stands for completeness. The private life of nines is often punctuated with quarrels and strife of interference whether from relatives, in-laws, or friends. Some crave affection and will do almost anything to get it, even make fools of themselves.



October is from the Latin Octo, meaning eight. It was originally the eighth month in the Roman calendar. It is presently the tenth month in the Gregorian calendar. In the tenth month a full cycle is completed. (10=1+0=1). October is the month depicting the increasing cyclicity of life. October brings the first real frost. October is the month of awareness; we take note of the transitional process. In cosmic terms will our present attitudes and actions create for our next lifetime, negative circumstances to overcome a trick or positive tools with which to work a treat? Tens have the talent for influencing and bringing people together and you are a power person who has a special spiritual mission in the world. You are a clear thinker. Leadership positions are opened to you because of your obvious control and mastery. Tens are lucky and successful



November is the eleventh month, the only month with a Master Number. As a Master Number 11, November has to be a very important month in any calendar year. Eleven rules sudden and sometimes upsetting decisions and conditions that bring about much needed balance. It is an exciting period filled with surprises. Expect the unexpected is the slogan here. The effects of the Master Number however, give you an opportunity to achieve something more unique, on a higher level of consciousness. Elevens are born to help others by using their skills and knowledge to promote better standards of living for the more unfortunate. Some become teachers, evangelists, missionaries, and politicians. They are artistically inclined. Elevens become great musicians, writers, and painters.



December comes from the Latin decem, and with the twelve we complete a mystical circle. A combination of the seven original planets and the five senses, seven holes in the head and five in the body, seven white keys on a musical scale, five black keys. Twelve reflects in Jesus. Twelve disciples, twelve sons of Jacob, and the twelve tribes of Israel from which all nations sprang, the twelve months of the year and the twelve "planets". Seven is a physical circle. Nine is a psychological circle. Twelve is a spiritual circle. Twelve is a moment of suspension, a pause, when the winter solstice sees the death of the sun, at its farthest point below the equator, plunging us into the depths of winter. The Christ child is most specifically one religious symbol, but that higher self resides in us all. The reverence we feel is for the miracle of life and the promise that even in our darkest moments, the winters of our discontent, the Christ child lies cradled within us, waiting to be born.




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