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First Aett
Fehu (Feoh) Meaning: Cattle
This Rune symbolises concern with physical and financial needs, prosperity and money, promotion, self-esteem. Rewards for past efforts.
TALISMAN: for achieving a goal, starting a new enterprise, money, business, promotion and finding a job.
Reversed: What you have achieved may slip through your fingers.
Ūruz (Ūr) Meaning: Wild Ox
This Rune symbolises sexuality, fertility, the unconscious, passion, vitality, instinct and wildness.
TALISMAN: to increase sexual potency and energy, hunting, strengthen the will.
Reversed: Lost opportunities or you are too easily led.
Þurisaz (Þorn). Variant: Thurisaz Meaning: Giant
This Rune symbolises hardship, a painful occurrence, discipline, knowledge, introspection,deep thought.
TALISMAN: aid for discipline, study, meditation, resolving a bad situation.
Reversed: Warns that careful consideration avoids wrong decisions or inappropriate action.
Ansuz (Ōs) Meaning: Ash Tree or Divine Breath
This Rune symbolises justice, a shaman, authority figure, leader, clairvoyance.
TALISMAN: help in divination and magic, wise decisions, success and leadership.
Reversed: Problems with authority figures, lies or deceptions.
Raiðō (Rād). Variant: Raidhō Meaning: Wheel
This Rune symbolises a journey, quest, progress, life lessons, change and destiny.
TALISMAN: protection for travellers, brings about change, ease into a situation and reconnect.
Reversed: Signals caution and reassurance in personal relationships. Travel delays.
Kēnaz (Cēn) Meaning: Flaming Brand of Pine Tree
This Rune symbolises creativity, inspiration, wisdom, insight and the solution to a problem.
TALISMAN: aid in study, creativity and inspiration, fertility and dispelling anxiety and fear.
Reversed: Freely give up something that has to pass away.
Gebō (Gyfu) Meaning: Gift
This Rune symbolises a gift, generosity, unexpected good fortune, relationship, love and partnership.
TALISMAN: to find or strengthen a relationship, to bring luck and fertility.
No reversed meaning
Wunjō (Wyn) Meaning: Joy
This Rune symbolises recognition, success, reward, joy, bliss, contentment, achievement of goals.
TALISMAN: for the completion of a task, success in an endeavour, motivation.
Reversed: Delays.
Second Aett
Hagalaz (Hægl) Meaning: Hailstone
This Rune symbolises disaster and destruction, a sudden loss, ordeal, clearance, a testing time, a karmic lesson, a drastic change.
TALISMAN: for removing unwanted influences and breaking repeated destructive patterns.
No reversed meaning meaning
Nauþiz (Nyd). Variant: Nauthiz Meaning: Need
This Rune symbolises discontentment, obstacles, poverty, hardship, responsibility, impasse and frustration.
TALISMAN: to fulfil a need, to turn a negative fate around.
Reversed: Revaluation of something disowned, self-control is essential.
Īsa (Īs) Meaning: Ice
This Rune symbolises withdrawal, rest, inactivity, blockage, stagnation, potential, patience and reflection.
TALISMAN: to stop a process, togive oneself breathing space.
No reversed meaning
Jēra (Gēr) Meaning: Year/Season
This Rune symbolises change, the yearly cycle, reward, motion, productivity, inevitable development.
TALISMAN: to bring about change, for fertility and growth.
No reversed meaning
Eihwaz (Ēoh). Variant: Ihwaz Meaning: Yew Tree
This Rune symbolises change, initiation, confrontation of one's fears, turning point, death, transformation.
TALISMAN: to bring about a profound change, to ease a life transition or extreme difficulty.
No reversed meaning
Perþ (Peorð). Variants: Perth, Perthro Meaning: Dice Cup
This Rune symbolises change, rebirth, mystery, magic, divination, fertility, sexuality, new beginnings and prophecy.
TALISMAN: to aid divination and magic, fertility, easing childbirth, enhancing psychic powers.
Reversed: Reveals guilty secrets.
Elhaz (Eolh-Secg) or Algiz Meaning: Elk (Sedge Plant) or Protection
This Rune symbolises protection, assistance, defence, warning, support, a mentor and an ethical dilemma.
TALISMAN: for protection, hunting and to build a defence.
Reversed: Vulnerability, watch health and examine advice carefully.
Sōwulō (Sigel). Variant: Sōwilō Meaning: Sun
This Rune symbolises success, positive energy, increase, power, activity, fertility and health.
TALISMAN: for extra energy, strength, success, healing, optimism, drive, enthusiasm, fertility.
No reversed meaning
Third Aett
Teiwaz (Tīr) Meaning: the god Tîwaz/Tîw/Tyr
This Rune symbolises duty, discipline, responsibility, responsibility, self-sacrifice, conflict, strength, a wound, physicality, the warrior path.
TALISMAN: to protect in the material sphere, to give victory or strength or to strengthen the will, for healing a wound.
Reversed: Danger through ill-timed or hasty action.
Berkana (Beorc) Meaning: Birch Tree
This Rune symbolises healing, fertility, new beginnings, growth, conception, plenty and clearance.
TALISMAN: for healing (especially involving infections), for a good harvest, to achieve conception, for making a fresh start.
Reversed: Upheavals in the home, selfishness.
Ehwaz (Eh) Meaning: Horse
This Rune symbolises motion, transportation, a call for divine aid, energy, power, communication, will, recklessness.
TALISMAN: for power, communication and transportation, to deliver a spell.
Reversed: Timeliness is of the essence, there is an appropriate moment for everything.
Mannaz (Man) Meaning: Man
This Rune symbolises the human race,it can be a significator, self, family, community, relationships and social concerns.
TALISMAN: to represent a person or group of people, to establish social relationships.
Reversed: Look inside to see the reasons for your feelings of isolation.
Laguz (Lagu) Meaning: Moving Water (salt or fresh)
This Rune symbolises emotions, deep fears, the unconscious mind, things hidden, revelations, intuition and counselling.
TALISMAN: for enhanncing psychic abilities, confronting fears, stabilising mental or emotional disorders, uncovering the hidden.
Reversed: Warns against over reaching or giving into temptation.
Ingwaz (Ing) Meaning: the god Inguz
This Rune symbolises work, productivity, bounty, community, balance, connection with the land.
TALISMAN: for fertility, successful farming, growth, general health and balance.
No reversed meaning
Ðagaz (Dæg) Meaning: Day
This Rune symbolises happiness, brightness, success, activity, a fulfilling lifestyle and satisfaction.
TALISMAN: to bring a positive outcome to any venture.
No reversed meaning
Ōþila (Ēþel). Variants: Ōthila, Ōthala Meaning: Own Land
This Rune symbolises property, land, inheritance, home, the family name, legacy, synthesis, sense of belonging.
TALISMAN: for acquiring property, complete a project, bring strength to family ties.
Reversed: Radical departure form old ways.
  Wyrd (optional rune). Variant: Woden Meaning: The Unknowable
This Rune symbolises fate, karma, the inevitable. Influences are entirely out of your control.
TALISMAN: for acquiring trust in yourself and in life itself, acceptance of past, present and future, to open all possibilities.
No reversed meaning

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