Winter Holiday's

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Winter begins on Dec.22nd and ends on Mar. 22nd. This time of year represents the worlds natural Sabbath. Can you imagine this season before furnaces, car heat, and electricity?


December 25th

SantaThe first known holiday to be celebrated on December 24-25 was a Persian holiday in celebration of the Savior Zoroaster’s birthday. This Persian savior was called the Ram of God; who had the power to take away or forgive all the sins of the people on the earth. In the 1100’s A.D. the celebration became known for the first time as Christmas. A Christian holiday in celebration of the Christian Savior Christ’s birthday. The Christian Savior called the Lamb of God. Who also has the power to take away sin. Today it’s presents and candy and Santa, the funny ole’ elf. So have a Merry X-mas!

New Year’s Day
January 1

New Years New Years Celebrations are the oldest of all holidays practiced today. 4000 years ago in ancient Babylonia the New Year was celebrated with the new moon on the first day of spring. This celebration lasted 11 days. The Month of January did not exist until around 700 BC. In Rome 153 BC New Years was moved from March to January. But this practice did not take hold, except in Rome. Calendars changed from the original lunar calendar to the solar calendar of Julius Ceasar, days became so inaccurate, Ceasar let a year last 445 days to put things back on track. In 1582 AD the Gregorian calendar appeared but not everyone used it. It took almost 200 years of New Years celebrations some of which were still celebrated in March and others in January. In 1752 AD New Years celebrations finally came together and has been practiced on December 31 – January 1 ever since.

Valentine’s Day
February 14

Valentines Day
The original day was a preparation for spring. Know as Lupercalia and celebrated on Feb 15th. In 496 (AD) Pope Gelasius decreed St. Valentine would be Honored on Feb. 14th. And Valentine’s day as we know it was born and set aside as a day of refined romance and friendship. Today it is practiced by giving Valentine cards to all your friends and relatives. If you are lucky enough to have a Valentine you may receive a night out or flowers!


St. Patrick’s Day
March 17

St. Patrick's DayMaewyn Succat was born in Wales about 385 AD. He was Scottish by Birth and not Christian he was converted to Christianity as a young man. And his name was changed. He was named the patron St. of the Irish St. Patrick. St. Patrick’s day was a day set to pray for missionaries.
Patrick was sainted for ridding Ireland of snakes. However because of a “continental drift” there has not been snakes on Ireland for at least the last 20 million years. St. Patrick died on March 17th in the 5th century. To this day we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.

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